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Media about us


Thank you so much to everyone who is publicizing information about us. It is really important and attracts new like-minded people to join us both for assignments and as a team for closer connection and help in projects.


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THANKS also to: Serebryanka Partizanskaya, Testimonial_Panasiuk V.V. (уч.65), Volny Zahad info, Rupar Brylevichau 97, Leaflets 97%, KARATELI Hrodna and others. -97), Volny Zahad info, Rupar Brylevichau 97, Leaflets 97%, KARATELI Hrodno and Other, "Vechernyaya Stepyanka", Dumka - ideas of peaceful protest, Belarusian Front, AGREGATAR. COM - Agregatar Nestabilnastsi, VOLKOVOVOSK FOR LIFE, KUFART, Opinions, Brest: Rumors and Facts, Lukashenko's Mustache, Kamennaya Gorka 3 IMPORTANT, Shores of Belarus, Rechitsa For Life, Ban for prapaganda (BY), Not bad, News, BELARUSIAN UNIVERSITY, Economy and Business in Belarus, News of Belarus | News Belarus, Rechitsa Prime, Crooks of Belarus
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Zhyve Belarus! Glory to Ukraine!
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YADNAY ( has mentioned us a record 208 times!


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Belarusian Gvozdodor (,
Volny Zahad іnfa (,
Leaflets 97% (,

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Belarusians Abroad (,
Malinovka and Neighbors (,
Pensioners 97% (,
Partisans of Belarus (,
Chronicle of Anti-War Movement (,
Angarskaya for Life (, MotolkoPomogi (,
Belarus FOR Change (,
Orsha for Life (,
Novaya Borovaya 98% (,

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Svobodny Zhlobin (,
Belarus of the brain (,
Maya Kraina Belarus (,
Ukraine | Russia | Belarus (,
Kamennaya Gorka 3 (, NYAMA TOLKU (,
Country For Life (,
Dumka: smart steps to freedom (,
MK Belarus (,
Oktyabr Cinema (,
Belarus in shock! (,
KPD. Coalition of Protest Courtyards (,
Stop Being Afraid! - Tatiana Martynova (,
Dmytro Bolkunets (,
Svaye Lyudzi (,
To all others who also mentioned us and copied our tasks on their channels also thank you very much! There are about 150 more of you!
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